How to rent a OSRS Max Main

Fill out the form with how many hours you want to rent the account for.

Once filled out and submitted, start chatting with one of our Agents.

Once we received the payment, our Agent will supply you with login.

Last but not least, play on the account, we wish you good luck!

Rent OSRS Max Main

Terms of Service

1. You are to remain within world 302 Duel Arena at all times while using the account.

2. No refunds, you are paying for a set amount of time whether you choose to utilize the full time period or not is up to you.

3. No breaking of any of Runescape’s in-game rules while using the account. This includes scamming, swearing, macroing, DDosing, Bug Abusing, and RWTing.

4. No streaming or commission staking is allowed on the account, not even 0%.

We are not responsible for any bans or mutes during the service, we are not liable to refund you any lost gold or any lost time.

5. You are not allowed to remove any items of the account that did not belong to you.

6. You are not allowed to change ingame name.

7. You are not allowed to share account details with others.

8. You are required to pay a 2m security deposit which is non refundable.

9. You are to leave private chat on friends and do not delete anyone the friends list.

10. If you have gone offline for more then 10 minutes, we will be sure that you have finished with renting and we will end your service, we do have the right to end your service early if you break any rules mentioned above.

11. If you ask us to transfer gold for you we are not responsible for any lost gold due to bans while transferring.

12. Breaking any of the Rental Terms of Service will result in immediate recovery of the account and seizure of all assets on the account, including the rental fee and deposit. No refunds will be given in this case.

Rent Account

Are you looking to rent a max main and to be able not to worry about safety?

You are at the right place to rent safest maxed mains in Runescape market today. We guarantee that StakeGP is the best option to rent a max main account safely, without having to care about account security. Our 2 years of renting experience speaks for itself when it comes to renting osrs max main service . We wish to build long-term relationships with our customers and in order to do so, we are willing to offer best prices and the most pleasant experience when using our service!

Why there are so many rules to follow?

Why? The answer is really simple, our number one priority , when providing such service, for our customers is safe and reliable accounts to use. That's why we are the most secure and reliable place to rent your max main. Each one of our mains belong 100% to us and we are responsible for the account that you use. That means there is zero chance of having someone recover the account while you are using our service< and also kicking you off the account when you are in the middle of your staking session. We take our service seriously and by saying that everything is safe and reliable – we mean it. From experience we can say that it is worth to pay few mills more then cheapest renters out there in this business, but you will be guaranteed with safety by StakeGP.

How does renting a max main work?

StakeGP makes renting a staker service very easy and fast process with 24/7 working livechat and well mannered fluent English speaking livechat agents. To order a max main you need choose desired time you would like to rent an account for and agree with our rules & terms of service, click green button to rent account and automatically you will be connected with livechat agent which will assist you with renting our max main. He'll give you location to meet on Oldschool Runescape, will take payment from you and then right after the payment was successfully made will provide you with staking account details. Once you're given the account credentials you'll get a couple of minutes extra to transfer any gold you want to stake to the max main rental before the clock starts ticking. You will have to pay one time fee for tentacle whip (2M 07 GP) which is non refundable and will be taken only once from you and the reason behind this is to prevent people from destroying the abyssal tentacle.

Why should I rent a max main account to stake?

As you may already know getting your stats to 99 might take incredibly long period of time, so we are here to offer you to bypass all this leveling pain and to get straight to the real fun of Runescape - staking. Since our rental accounts have maxed combat stats in Old School Runescape, you will have even odds against your competition at the Duel Arena. And therefore not everyone has maxed out stats so in this scenario you are most likely to have staking advantage against your competitor. So StakeGP can easily rent you an account so you don't have to put all the time yourself trying to level up and you can get right to the fun part without any form of effort. Staking is also the easiest and fastest and the most legit method to get rich in Runescape. It's not a myth that players with a very little wealth of GP become billionaires by a lucky streak at the Duel Arena. You don't need to have any deep knowledge of the game or have to be expert in player-versus-player skills, it's all about luck and if you do have any questions, we are willing to guide you through.

Never staked before and not sure how it works?

We provide all rental accounts with an abyssal tentacle, valid membership, dragon dagger. Simply go to world 302 in Runescape and challenge someone and click on "Load preset", this will load a preset with rules for tentacle whip staking. Make sure there's a green check mark behind "Load preset", otherwise there's a chance someone's trying to scam you. When the countdown starts in the duel, spam-click your opponent until you attack him (make sure character wields whip). That's it! Now you wait and hope you win the duel. You still don't understand? Don't worry, we have a s just for you, you can find it on our blog. After reading the guide you should feel comfortable enough to try out your luck in the Duel Arena. You can also ask questions in the live chat, we'll be glad to answer them and help you out or even stake for you!

Why should I rent a max main of StakeGP and not somewhere else?

StakeGP will always have safety and security as the number one priority. When you rent a max main of StakeGP we can guarantee that you're renting safest account to stake your GP. We have thousands of positive feedback on our name from satisfied customers who used our services before. If you use one of our services you will become one of these happy customers!/

About account rentals

We are happy to supply you with fresh max mains created perfectly for staking.
Each of our account is max combat, perfected for your staking needs, this means that it has 99 Attack, 99 Strength, 99 Defence and 99 Hitpoints.

We also supply the account with a Tentacle whip, DDS and valid membership, everything to make it so you can start staking immediately and more importantly safely!

What our customers say


rented me main twice, no problems! Be aware 2 hour rental of 10M will make it so you dont get deposit.


bought some gold, easy+++

Loyal Customer

I have been doing business with this guys for a year. I have sold and bought bulk orders of gp from him multiple 1b+ trades throughtout this year. I have had billions of gp on the staking accounts I have rented from him multiple times.. will continue to use him for all my rs needs. Super trustworthy guy