Frequently Asked Questions

First, choose which server’s Gold you are going to purchase, whether it is RuneScape 3 or OldSchool Runescape. When you are in the right category simply type in the desired amount of Gold and fill in all remaining boxes (your RuneScape display name, your e-mail and your discount code if you have one). With all the text boxes filled, choose the payment method. NOTE: Make sure all provided information is correct!! Then click “Checkout” and you will be redirected to the payment window. Once the payment is successful, get in touch with the Live Support agent providing them your payment code. After checking data provided you will receive your purchase.
Simply, visit our “Sell” section of the website. Type in your e-mail, choose which server’s currency you would like to sell and type in the amount. With all boxes filled, click “Contact Chat” and all your information will be sent to Live Agent who will then make an offer for best price possible. Once the price is arranged, you will have to meet the agent in a certain location in RuneScape and hand in the Gold to the specified character. When your Gold reaches the Live Agent, you will receive your payment.
Usually, Live Agent takes several minutes to check your order and hand you the purchase.
We accept many payment methods but the most popular are the following: Paypal, Skrill, BitCoin, Western Union, Revolut, United Kingdom Bank Transfer (UKBT), United States Bank Transfer (USABT), Credit & Debit Cards. If you did not find suitable payment methods, you can always ask Live Agent.
Simply visit “Swap” section of our website. Choose your RuneScape server which the currency you want to swap is from. Then type in the desired amount you want to swap. Our system will automatically count the other server’s amount you would receive. Type in your RuneScape display name and click “Proceed Order”. Then the information will be passed to our Live Agent who will take care of your order and even give better offers!
Simply go to “Order History” section of the website. Type in your e-mail, which you think you have used for previous purchases with and in a matter of seconds you will receive an e-mail to your mailbox (the one you typed in address of) with your order history.
Also, you can refer to present Live Agent who will take care of your issue and help with any questions you might have.
On rare occasions we have to reject your orders. Causes for that might be incorrectly filled information or having suspicion that your payment was not confirmed. If order is being rejected, money will be fully refunded to the buyer.
Since there are many ways to use stolen Paypal accounts or use other person’s money, we have to be sure that the order is being placed by the Paypal account’s owner who gives his full permission to take money from the account. By doing so we protect both user’s money and ourselves from responsibility.
All information on users is SECURELY stored in our database so in a situation when any problems arise with your payment we could prove that you confirmed your order.
100% YES! Our webpage is protected with SSL systems and checked by most popular antivirus programs. We are also recognised in Google Search as a leader RuneScape Gold distributors having over 3000 positive feedback cases in all online forums.
We do not take any responsibility for players getting banned however, we can assure you that not a single user has been banned for using services. You do not need to worry about getting your user blocked after using our services.
You can currently order these services from Live Agent, specifying which exact service you desire. Only then Live Agent can tell you the price and asses the possible time taken for fulfilling your order. Soon it will be possible to order such services via automatic system.
Yes. The minimum amount of Gold purchased is 30 m. on OldSchool RuneScape and 50 m. on RuneScape 3. Such amounts are set to reduce the risk of getting banned for making a large number of trades for small amounts of Gold.
Limits are only set for Paypal payment method. New users in time of two weeks can purchase up to 800 m. OSRS and 2.5 b. of RS3 Gold. However, to our loyal customers these limits are not applied. Limits for other payment methods are not applied.